Increase your revenue by becoming a retailer

Are you interested in becoming a retailer of NanoGrip sticky pads or Ice-Grip ice cleats, then send us a mail at and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please include some data concerning your business size, sales volume and market approach with the mail.
Minimum order size is 160 pieces of NanoGrip anti-slip pads and/or 100 pieces of IceGrip snow grippers.We can produce the NanoGrip sticky pad in many shapes, sizes and colour – with, and without logo – and you have the option for custom designed boxes.

Here are shown some examples of the packaging of the NanoGrip nano pad:

Our standard leaflet for the Antislip padDesign your own leaflet for the Anti-Slip matThe simplest and cheapest packaging for the dashboard padDesign your own Box for the Sticky Pad



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