Nano-Grip Dashboard Pad contains no glue or magnets.

It’s amazing stickiness is due to the unique mixture of polymer silicone, and our special Nano Vacuum technology.

Because Nano-Grip does not contain glue, it doesn’t leave any marks on the surface it has been placed upon, or on the object that has been held in place by NanoGrip.

We have tested various degrees of stickiness for the Nano-Grip, and have developed the optimal formula, more stickiness than other competing products – and a higher durability.

The added amount of stickiness is optimal for the various uses of the Nano-Grip, without giving it too high a stickiness and making objects placed upon it hard to take off, or peel off paint or texture off the surface.

Other similar products have problems sticking to certain types of dashboards – Nano-Grip has eliminated this problem with its added stickiness. If you have tried a similar product before, without being satisfied with it – then try our Nano-Grip – we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the difference in the quality.

Nano-Grip is made of specially developed silicone, without the use of dangerous toxins.