As a marketing item for promoting your company

A gift, or marketing item that will be appreciated, and noticed every time the car, or boat is used – and always placed in spots with high visibility.

Promote your business in a way that will make your customers remember you.

Here are a few examples of some of our satisfied customers´ designs:

The best Business card is something your customers will use and appreciate on a daily basis.

When deciding what to spend money on to promote your company, many things factor into the decision.

Where do You get the most value for your money – what can You give away that will be used every day, and where Your brand name will be seen in a positive way, by as many people as possible.

Stand out from the crowd – give your customers something new!

The NanoGrip sticky pad stands out from the regular promotional and marketing items, such as USB keys, engraved pens, key chains and other standard marketing items, because NanoGrip sticky-pad gets used – and appreciated – every day.

NanoGrip sticky pad is typically placed in a prominent spot on the dash board, or other places with high visibility, making your logo one of the first things a person sees, when entering the car, or boat. This often leads to curious questions from passengers seeing the anti-slip mat for the first time.

Every time the user places their cell-phone on the sticky pad, they see your logo, become reminded of your company in a positive way.

Give your customers something they will value with your give-aways.

The normal give away promotional items, such as pens, and usb keys often exchange hands numerous times from the intial reciepient. This is overall negative, because this means that the customer you initially give the promotional gift to, doesnt place enough value in the item to keep it.

Also, when you give your customer a promotional item, you are giving it to the person you want to be reminded of your company, his neighbour or wife isn’t necissarily a prospective client to you.

Manufactured and designed to fit your exact needs.

We can tailormake the NanoGrip anti-slip mat with your logo, and the pad in a colour of your choice. We can even produce the sticky pad in different shapes, if you so desire.

Minimum order quantity for custom made NanoGrip sticky mat is 250 pieces.

Contact us at with your requirements, and a telephone number, and one of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours.