IceGrip Ice Cleats

When winter hits, icy pavements and frozen paths present treacherous walking conditions for both young and elderly. IceGrip is the easy, cheap and practical solution for attaining better security when venturing outdoors during winter.

Greet the winter safely with IceGrip ice cleats on your feet. Safety at the workplace, when running, or walking

Whether you are a recreational jogger, or have a lowered mobility and wish for better safety when walking outdoors, or you just feel unsafe when the sidewalks become icy – then IceGrip ice spikes are the easy, cheap and practical solution for you to increase your winter walking safety.

Simply drag the IceGrip ice cleats onto the snout of your regular shoe, and afterwards drag the heel into place, and you will now be able to walk safely without risk of slipping and falling.

Unlike cramp on snow cleats, the IceGrip stays in place, and doesn’t fall off the heel like most cramp on snow cleats do.

You can get IceGrip snow cleats in 2 different models, IceGrip and IceGrip Pro snow cleats.

IceGrip – Snow Cleats

  • Traction – IceGrip has 6 of the new patented T-Trac spikes at the toes, and 4 spikes on the heel area, giving you optimal traction on slippery surfaces.
  • No Slipping – with the special anti-slip rubber pattern at the toes, and on the heel, giving you traction on any surface.
  • Small and Practical – Easily folds up, and fits practically in the pocket, or the purse, enabling you to carry them with you where ever you go.
  • Easy to use, and gives the best fit – Easily slips over your footwear without the need for additional buckles or straps – fits the footwear better than other snowcleats, due to the angled rubber grip at the front and rear.
  •  Security – Designed for people who wants to feel secure when venturing outdoors during the winter period, when the roads become slippery and icy.

Perfect for regular walking, and light jogging.

For use by professionals at the work place, or the more serious jogger, we recommend IceGrip Pro.

IceGrip Pro – Snow Cleats

  • Safety – with our luxury model, giving you 5 of the new patented T-Trac spikes at the toe, and 5 spikes on the heel area.
  • No slipping – With the special anti-slip material on both the toes, heel and the double chevron pattern on the midsection, making the entire area in contact with the slippery surface grip it properly
  • Heavy Duty Performance – Created for the demanding user, with the patented T-Trac spikes that dont fall out, stainless steel, and PA66 Nylon plastic.
  • Stays in place – With an elastic band on the top, and velcro strap at the front, the IceGrip stays in place on your shoe, even when running.

The professional industrial strength snow cleat.

Perfect for all use – even when the snow is piled high, you will be sure of a safe grip, without having to worry about loosing the ice cleat in the snow, since the elastic band keep them in place.

IceGrip and IceGrip Pro snow spikes are easy to put on, and take off – for cleaning, you just rinse them in lukewarm water, to make sure there is no salt, or dirt stuck to them.

They give you better traction that other snow spikes, or cramp on spikes, and give you the security of knowing that they will stay attached to your shoe, no matter the conditions – something that a lot of cramp-on ice cleats, and other types of snow cleats have difficulties with.

The spikes are the patented T-Trac system, that do not fall out, and made of 304L stainless steel, and DuPont PA66 plastic.

IceGrip snow spikes are produced using eco-friendly materials of the highest quality.