Sticky pad, nano pad, anti slip mat, magnet mat, sticky mat, dashboard pad…

Some products are known by many names.

There are many different types of anti-slip dashboard mats on the internet, that are practically being given away for free.

The main problem with these sticky pads, is that they are produced with cheaper materials, and in a poor quality.

Most simple do not stick as they are supposed to, or they lose stickiness after a few weeks – and many of them melt in the summer, leaving ugly stains.

The saying “Quality costs (a little) extra” unfortunately still holds true.

We have ongoing development of the formula used in the production of the pad, and have reached what we currently believe is the optimal formula, a combination of maximum durability, coupled with maximum stickiness – Giving the sticky pad a firm grip on your items, while still letting you remove them from the anti-slip mat without much hassle.

We manufacture NanoGrip using our newest developed formula, and thus guarantee you that the quality, durability and stickiness will beat any competing product hands down.

Our promise to you is:

  • NanoGrip does what it promises, and keeps your items in place
  • NanoGrip does not tear, or lose its shape
  • NanoGrip does not lose its stickiness

Grip Technologies is a Danish company located in the capital of Copenhagen – we pride ourselves on producing goods of the highest quality, and usefullness.

Have you purchased a nano-pad dashboard pad that you were not satisfied with?

Then try our NanoGrip – we guarantee that you will feel a huge difference compared to other dashboard nano pads.

We have compared and tested our NanoGrip to other producers of dashboard nano mats, and NanoGrip beats the competition by a large margin every time.

We have developed our NanoGrip sticky mat to do what it is supposed to to – make your items stick to it – on any surface, and to almost any inclanation.

NanoGrip produces anti-slip mats in high quality, as an accessory for iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, GPS, or other smartphones, gadgets or items you want to keep close at hand while driving, or boating.

We view NanoGrip as an accessory to your boat, car, at home or at the office – and we hope that you will agree with us, that NanoGrip is an invaluable smartphone accessory.

NanoGrip works with all known smartphone models, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google smartphone etc.

You can also use the non-slip mat to hold your GPS navigation, sunglasses, loose change, pens and other small items in place.

We ship worldwide free of charge – shipping is included in the price of the product.